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Joanne's Testimony

Minute by Minute

Looking at a decade’s worth of chronic pain, a promise from God helped Joanne stand firm until He ultimately heals her. Once a trained athlete in peak condition, Joanne Moody suffered a post pregnancy injury that sidelined her for the next 14 years. Not one to give up easily, Joanne fought to find an answer to her pain year after year. Countless doctors attempted to treat her until finally, one recommended a surgeon in France. Joanne and her sisters make the trek only to stare death in the face again. At the moment of greatest pain, God reached down and gave her a promise. Minute by Minute will keep the pages turning as you join Joanne on her journey through a valley of pain and her eventual arrival at the pinnacle of faith and love.


In Minute by Minute, you will see read a compelling story of:

  • The power of prayer

  • Perseverance through adversity

  • Choosing to trust God amidst agony

  • An intimate commitment from God to Joanne

  • Trials and suffering being transformed by God’s supernatural power

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