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Invitation Request Joanne and Agape Freedom Fighter Ministry Team

     Agape Freedom Fighters (AFF) exists to set captives free through the ministry of healing and evangelism in the name of Jesus Christ. As an apostolic ministry, Joanne Moody and the AFF Ministry Team bring the good news of the gospel with the Word of God and the supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit. AFF provides training programs that are designed to equip individuals, church and regional prayer teams with practical, theologically-grounded training in the ministry of physical healing, inner healing, deliverance and prophecy. We are a non-profit, international, non-denominational Christian organization specializing in teaching, equipping and training leaders and lay people to fulfill the vision of Jesus in Luke 9:11 and Matthew 10:7-8 where Jesus embraced the people, instructed them about the Kingdom of God, and healed those in need.  AFF carries a passion to give away what God has entrusted to us. We are honored to bring the gospel of Christ and the training of moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit all around the world.


     Below, you will find a form to fill out as a formal invitation. This information helps us as we prayerfully consider the scheduling of Joanne (Jo) Moody’s itinerary and the ministry team. It is a great honor to be invited, yet--due to the large number of requests--it is not feasible for Jo and the team to accept every invitation submitted. In lieu of asking Joanne to speak, we ask that you consider bringing in some of our other teaching staff who are more flexible in their time to speak in her place. Each teaching ministry team member is anointed and gifted and many are trained through Global Awakening ministry schools and also part of the board of Agape Freedom Fighters. Some helpful guidelines to consider as you submit this form:

  • Airfare, food, and lodging expenses are to be covered by the hosting church or organization for Jo Moody and her armor bearer/trip leader; anything beyond this, such as an honorarium, is welcomed and encouraged to help AFF bring the gospel to areas with no economic stability.

  • Our AFF ministry travels as missionaries thereby raising their own support to travel with the team and provide healing prayer wherever Jo and our teaching staff is doing ministry. Family on mission is a core value of our ministry and promotes that all can and are invited to participate in the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  • When requested, AFF materials, such as books, merchandise and teachings, will be sent to each event as we want this kingdom message accessible to conference and training session attendees. To make this possible, we request the hosting church or organization provide an appropriate location and personnel to manage and conduct purchases at no expense to Agape Freedom Fighters.

Again, thank you for the honor of your invitation to be part of what God is doing in your city, region and nation. We cannot wait to meet with you and to discuss the next steps in our time together. Please trust that we will be answering you when we are able.

Please complete the form with as many of the provided fields as possible. We recognize that not all of the fields may be applicable to your request. We look forward to hearing from you soon!