Joanne's Testimony

Joanne's Studio Testimony

Joanne gives her full testimony. This is a great video to play for church or ministry settings.

Minutes After Joanne Was Healed

The last few hours of the 4-day Voice of the Apostles conference, Joanne miraculously gets healed. This testimony was minutes after it happened. Jo shares how in seconds, God completely changed her perspective that God's healing is for today and for her.

Testimony Given for the First Time at Bethel's Healing Conference

Six months after Joanne was healed, she gives her full testimony for the first time. It was also the first time she officially met Randy Clark.

VOA 2014 Testimony

One year after she was healed, Joanne gives her testimony in front of thousands. She shares how her healing changed the course of her life and the ministry God gave her.