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Mission, Purpose & Values

Before assembling a healing ministry team, leadership must be unified in mission, purpose and values. This becomes the foundation for unity, clarity and function. 

  • Our mission for ministry is to do what we believe we are called or assigned to do by God as stated in the ministry of Jesus in Mark 4:23 and Matthew 16:15-18. 

  • Our purpose is a passion and intention to achieve the ministry mission. We work from our values to achieve our mission and we find our passion through honoring those values.  

  • Our values are the standards we hold. They are the code for how we operate in ministry. 

  • Our beliefs are based on our values and our behavior is manifested from our beliefs, so knowing and teaching our core values in healing ministry is imperative for the ministry team to be unified, directional and focused. 

In order to promote team unity, the values must reflect the standards of the leadership of the church or ministry organization engaging in healing ministry. Dissension can easily occur on a team if the core values are not taught, shared and honored by all team members even if the heart for the mission is the same. Missions can sometimes change depending on the season of life but core values are standards we live by no matter what the mission is.


Agape Freedom Fighters Ministry Team Values

  • Love 

  • Faith

  • Have Fun

  • Encouragement

  • Inclusion and Activation

  • Joy/Bliss

  • Gratitude

  • Practice Humor

  • Live by example and speak truth

  • Cultivate the presence of Holy Spirit

  • Help Others

  • Be a family that honors family

  • Unity

  • Live supernaturally

  • Commitment

  • Know Your Identity and Authority in Christ 

  • Respect and teach from the foundation of God’s word

  • Empower, honor and encourage (everyone) 

  • Don’t start what you can’t finish

  • ractice humility


Skills: The following is a sample list of skills necessary for all individuals interested in becoming part of the Agape Freedom Fighters healing ministry team. You must model these skills.

Be a person of Faith

  1. Believe Jesus Christ is the son of God and only way to the Father (saved)

  2. Baptized in the Holy Spirit/anointing

  3. Vibrant prayer life

  4. Operate in wisdom

  5. Live inspired and hungry for more of God

  6. No blatant sin -righteousness

Love well

  1. Intimate relationship with God

  2. Compassionate

  3. Kind

  4. Live in community

  5. Honor and live the values of the ministry

Listen with humility

  1. Dependence on Holy Spirit

  2. Listen to others as you listen to Holy Spirit


  1. People skills

  2. Use humor

  3. Honest

  4. Encourage


  1. Move with Holy Spirit

  2. Ability to be mentored and to mentor others (be a disciple and disciple others) without jealousy or competition

  3. Active in the Word of God

  4. Ministry as a lifestyle

  5. Be accountable to the team

  6. Have your own testimony to share

  7. Willing to continue your own healing journey

  8. Be a life long student of Holy Spirit and of others (read, apply, learn, grow)

  9. Remain curious 


  1. Team Work     

  2. Generosity

  3. Be trustworthy and teachable

  4. Be self-aware and self regulating

  5. Help

  6. Share


  1. Willing to accept changes even at the last minute

  2. Willing to help when it is inconvenient

  3. Willing to rest and set healthy boundaries

  4. Willing to risk –have courage

  5. Willing to promote/honor others who may surpass you in gifting and calling

  6. Cultural and environmental sensitivity


  1. Honor leaders 

  2. Listen, ask questions and apply what you learn

  3. Correct Biblical interpretation and application

  4. Skilled in the approaches to warfare

  5. Ability to take and give direction 

  6. Create inspiration around you

  7. Relationship/team building

  8. Make decisions based on values and objectives of ministry

  9. Invite, equip and encourage others to do what you’re doing