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Agape Freedom Fighters has the unique opportunity to partner with Watts of Love to bring solar lights to the people of Philippines, June 2-10, 2019. 


Amidst the beauty of this Island Nation, life is hard without access to electricity. We will distribute lights to impoverished communities. We will bring light, hope and most importantly, love. Watts of Love is committed to delivering lights to families, midwives, and doctors in the Philippines. Experience firsthand the power light has to provide a path out of poverty. This is a life-changing journey.


Want to join us? This trip is open to team members and friends of Agape Freedom Fighters. Contact Doreen for more info or to sign up. Trip costs include $850 administrative fee for country costs (food, transportation), airfare and travel insurance, and recommended immunizations. We also will be fundraising as a team for solar lights and to be part of the solution!

Other Ways to Get Involved

A $50 donation provides light for one family. Agape Freedom Fighters would like to bring at least 300 solar lights on this trip. Any donation goes toward this goal helps! Your prayers and getting the word out about this fundraiser is also greatly appreciated!


About Watts of Love

While traveling with her husband to the Philippines in 2009, Nancy Economo volunteered her time to help out at a local feeding program. While there, she was struck by the number of children and adults who had severe burns due to kerosene lamps, the only light source in the village. A mother of five, Nancy felt called to do something to help. She had no background in anything like this but cried out to God for a solution. Not only did He give her the name, but design of the lights, business partnerships, and ways to distribute these lights to the poorest of the poor. Watts of Love doesn’t just give lights, but also educates, connects with and learns with every one they meet. The most important question we ask each recipient is…”How are you going to change your life?” For more information, visit http://www.wattsoflove.org