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The Gift of Faith in Action

July 17, 2015

We've just recently returned from a ministry trip to England. One of my favorite testimonies is when I was telling people about my ministry journey and how God has given me a great Gift of Faith. I described it as “knowing in my knower” that God would heal. I then asked people if they knew exactly what I meant by that to stand up. When they did, I told them I wanted to pray for them and ask God to increase their Gift of Faith. I ended up praying for about 15 people that night.

During one of the prayer times, I met Lois. The strange thing about my prayer time with Lois is that although she was first in line for prayer, God told me to not pray for her right away. I obeyed but didn’t know why. After seven more people got prayer, God told me to pray for Lois. I prayed for her and she told me that she had great faith but hadn’t seen anyone healed through her prayers. I told her to follow me.

As I prayed for the next person to receive a greater degree of Faith, the Holy Spirit told me that this lovely woman had back pain. I asked her if this was true and she said she has been in horrible pain for six years. I told L
ois this is the first healing she gets to experience through her prayers. I was going to coach her through it. Lois, with shock in her eyes,

said, “OK!” 

Before we prayed, this woman told me a man attacked her in an alley and kicked her back repeatedly. I asked her if she forgave him and she said she thought so, but we can do it again. I told Lois exactly what I was doing and explained that unforgiveness usually impedes healing. After a simple forgiveness prayer I told Lois to command the Spirit of Trauma to leave in the name of Jesus. She did. I then told her to align the discs and spine in the name of Jesus. She did. I then wanted to show her how to sit the person down and align the hips and lengthen the legs as to stop throwing the back out of alignment. When the woman moved to sit, she realized it was the first time in six years she sat down with no pain. I will always remember the shock on her face when she realized that God was indeed healing her. I told Lois to command the hips to align and the legs to lengthen. She did. I then told the woman to stand up and touch her toes. Now here’s the funny part, the woman laughed. She said, “I can’t touch my toes—you can see my stomach, can’t you?” I laughed back and said, “Lady, God is bigger than all that!” She then bent over and reached down to her toes. It was amazing and all who experienced this was crying and rejoicing.

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