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Crazy? Or a Risk Taker?

May 1, 2014

Last summer, before I witnessed God's magnificent miracles personally, I would occasionally go out to a nearby town and participate in a Treasure Hunt. In short, a treasure hunt is asking God for people that need ministry. Unlike typical evangelism (you know, where the guy stands in front of supermarket or street corner and tells you to repent of something else along those lines), a treasure hunt narrows down the search; asking God for specific people who He wants you to minister to.

Prior to a treasure hunt, you get a small group of people to pray for clues (WOK) to the treasure (person). You ask God to give you a name, what they look like, specific need for prayer, and "other", which means that it doesn't fit into any category.

When I went on these treasure hunts (I went on two!), I was super scared just to talk to people. I would watch my two friends not even think about it and I would stay behind, watching others get prayed for and seeing tears stream down their cheeks, and the hug of thanks that would eventually happen after. And I'd say, "How do you do that?" And they would respond, it's all about taking a chance. It's all about the risk.
On this side of miracles--and I've seen so many--I can honestly say, I still get a bit nervous but it's getting easier and easier. Sure, I don't want to be called crazy but I do not mind being called a risk taker. That, I'm willing to do and I chose to hear the latter over the former.

I think Bill Johnson sums it up best, "People who refuse to step out and be used by God become the critics of those who do."

I refuse to be the critic. I am a risk taker. I am the one that wants to thrill God's heart because I was the one foolish enough to try.

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