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My Name Is Mercy

May 21, 2014

My name is Mercy

We were on a treasure hunt. We had many clues (teal top, floppy hat, boy with the balloon, head injury, knee brace, and, a couple of names, "Marcy or Maddy"--an M with a "y" at the end. That and a bunch of other clues.) and some clues seemed easier to find than others. Down to Old Sac we went and walked and walked and walked. We didn't see anyone that met the descriptions we had. So we just asked anyone that looked like they had some sort of ailment if they wanted prayer. Some said no. A few said yes. But all and all, it was getting a bit awkward.

An hour later, we give up and head for the exit. That's when things started happening.

But before I talk about that, I must note that on the way into Old Sac, I felt a sharp pain at the bottom of my left foot. It was fleeting and I shook it off. We weren't looking for someone with a left foot problem, it was not on the list. Later, after praying for multiple people and only being marginally encouraged, we decided we were in the wrong place and turned towards the parking garage.

Stabbing left foot pain again. Same area of old Sac, just a few yards away from where it originally happened. I yelled to my two friends, who were walking in front of me, to stop. Wait. And I turned to my right and saw a bearded man on a bench. I walked up to him really not thinking what I was saying or whether or not I was invading his space. I just somehow new that this man needed prayer.

"Sir, do you have pain in your left foot." He replies, "I have pain in both of my feet." My heart begins to race as I know in my 'knower' that God is going to heal him. "Can I pray for you?" He wells up with tears, "Oh, please. I would love for you to pray for me." I kneel before him and he grabs my hands. He's not gentle with me either, it's like he's hanging onto me as if he's going to fall. I begin to cry. I look into his eyes and say, "I'm Michelle." He replies, "I'm Steve."

We pray for his feet and ankles and after Steve walks, he is in no pain. He tells us, "I was just talking to my friend here," pointing to the lady next to him, "that God really needs to do something about my feet. I've been miserable since I got back from the war." We hug him and he grabs hold of me as if I'm some angel--I bless him and thank him for allowing us to pray for him. We are encouraged. My friend tells me as we're walking away, "You know, Steve was on our clue list--he's the bearded guy with the earring." I completely forgot about the clue! Yup, there it is! I run back to show Steve and he hugs me again and he says, "I was just asking God who you people were and he told me, 'You're all the real deal." My heart smiles.

We proceed to exit and for some odd reason, I stop, turn to the left and stare at the snack place across the street. It serves desserts and other snacks. "Dessert" was on my clue list but I crossed it out because "Yogurt" seemed more logical to me. I note for future reference not to change the original clue. I stare--not really knowing why. My companions also stare, wondering the same thing. Then one of them says, "Hey, teal shirt." The other, "Floppy hat." I jump off the sidewalk and proceed to the lady across the street and as I get closer, I stop and turn to both of my friends, "The baby boy in the stroller has a balloon attached to it."

I walk up to her and say, "Excuse me, I don't want to interrupt your snack, but my friends and I are looking for people God wants us to pray for. And we believe you are one of them." She looks at me behind dark glasses and raises her eyebrows. I show her the clue list: woman with teal top, floppy hat, boy with balloon. She just shrugs her shoulders and pretty much comes to the conclusion that we're the wacky ones. Then I said to her, "I'm not here to shove Jesus down your throat, I just truly believe He wants us to pray for you. But, as long as I'm here, by any chance is your name Marcy? or Maddy? or something like that?" She turns and looks at her husband in shock and exhales deeply as she turns to look back at me, "My name is Mercy."

I say we have a list of ailments--by this time, I'm super excited to see how right we were in hearing God--and she tells us that she has a head injury and kidney problems. Head injury is on the list, kidneys are not. I tell her we'll pray with our eyes open so no one knows we're praying. As we do, she begins to relax. Her very large son at the next table stands up to interrupt the proceedings and says, "Mom, what's going on?" She responds, "Stop it. They're praying for me." We giggle, and continue. I bless her, hug her, and tell her God loves her. She smiles and says awkwardly, "Thank you."

Oh, how I love the Kingdom of God. I want to do more of this.


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