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The Traveling Mercies of God

March 1, 2016

A few days ago I returned home from ministering in the Chicago area where I was asked to speak at a conference with Heidi Baker, Leif Hetland, Stacie Campbell and Bobby Connor. I witnessed the love of the Father poured out in an extravagant way. Those attending the meetings were encouraged, healed, delivered and set free. A wheelchair bound man with no left arm movement had suffered 20 strokes. As the power of the Holy Spirit touched him he was able to stand and walk! He also regained 40% movement in his arm. Praise God!


Another woman suffered nerve damage in her foot came up with level 7 pain (I always have people rate their pain on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst). She walked with a pronounced limp. Because of her faulty gate pattern she also suffered back pain. I enlisted three young boys ages 6, 7 and 14 to pray with me. They had been standing and watching the Lord heal person after person in the long lines of people waiting for prayer. When they prayed, the woman was totally healed! She walked normally and even jogged around the room. The boys were elated and stayed to pray with me for the rest of that meeting and the following evening.


Another woman with cervical disc fractures from an auto accident came up with level 6 pain. We prayed with her for the renunciation of agreement with the spirit of trauma and fear then asking the Holy Spirit to fill her with the Father’s love in Jesus’ name. I asked the 6-year-old boy to pray a release of the Father’s love over this precious woman and all of her pain left! Her head sat visibly straighter on her body and the little boys hugged and hugged her.


Another young man that someone found wandering around outside was brought to me. He was not a believer and struggling on the streets with addiction. As the Holy Spirit led me through several words of knowledge what to pray over him, he was set free and gave his life to Jesus. Praise the Lord! He remained in the meetings all week and is receiving discipleship in the local church to be restored to his family. What priceless moments and what a wonderful God we serve.


As the meetings went on, I prayed for pastor after pastor, leader after leader an impartation of the love of the Father and the power of the Holy Spirit to do incomparably more than they ever hoped or imagined; living out Luke 4:18.


In February at another conference in Chicago where I was speaking along with Mike Hutchings and Rodney Hogue, I celebrated the Lord healing many people with nerve damage after I shared my miracle testimony. Yay Jesus! We also had dozens of people healed emotionally as we were able to minister inner healing. The Lord is always doing a new thing and I love following Holy Spirit in what He is doing in the moment. There is such a peace and profound joy in having the opportunity to join the Lord in where He is already moving. When we come into agreement with that, the anointing is there for healing and deliverance.


Two trips to England in the past few months were incredible. Our team came back to the same church we first visited eight months ago, and it is amazing to see the exponential spiritual growth in them! They are stepping out more and more and taking risks in praying for others. I concentrated on teaching our identity in Christ, inner healing and deliverance during these meetings and we were blessed to have over 66 churches in attendance. We praised the Lord for the healing of a woman suffering with nerve pain for 19 years. On huge amounts of pain meds and unable to stand for any period of time, she had flown from Holland lying down to attend our meetings. We sent one of our team members and another man who had just been healed of nerve damage to join several of the prayer team from the local church. This team ministered inner healing and deliverance first, followed by commanding the physical symptoms to leave. Then, this beautiful Dutch woman (who was a worship leader) was completely free from pain. For the rest of the week she prayed alongside us and watched Jesus set others free.


Many, many people with autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal failure, hormone imbalance, stomach issues and heart conditions were also set free. Many of these cases will obtain medical proof, but they were symptom free after receiving prayer.


Two high school athletes with back pain from repetitive injury were healed when we taught their youth group to pray over them. Praise God for the next generation! We were even able to train them to go out into the city and pray for people on a rainy Saturday. So many reports came in of these precious saints taking one step forward to release the kingdom of God’s love.


In English culture it is not prevalent to see them want to take to the streets to minister. The last night of our meetings testimonies took almost 2 hours as we applauded, shouted, sang and gave glory to the Lord for all the marvelous things He did among His people.


My last report for now is about the first creative miracle (where a part that was not there gets created) I have personally prayed for. It happened when I was traveling with Randy Clark, Blaine Cook and Rodney Hogue in the Global Awakening trip to Londrina, Brazil this past December. The last night of meetings we were all split up. I was with Blaine Cook and a group of about 40 people. The meeting was packed and there were more than 1100 people there in a medium sized church.  When Blaine announced the release for healing prayer, so many people came forward that we had to pray for people two at a time, with one hand on one person and the other hand on another person. Toward the end of the evening a very little girl and her mother were coming through the crowd toward me. As they walked toward me, I received a word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit. I saw the little girl (age 6) doing gymnastics and cartwheels. They explained through the interpreter that the girl had been born without proper development of her left shoulder. It was clearly without muscle development and no tendon or ligaments to support movement of the arm. Her mother confirmed she had never moved her arm. Because I had been given the word of knowledge my faith was unshakable. The Lord impressed on me to speak short commanding prayers. I commanded the creation of new ligaments, tendons, muscles and the nerve impulses to control them. As the Lord directed me, I commanded what was not there to act as if it was. Each time I prayed, I watched this beautiful little girl gain another 20% more movement in her arm. After the fourth time she lifted her arm straight up to the ceiling and she was completely healed. She screamed in shock and all of us burst into tears. The little girl jumped into her mother’s arms and put both arms around her mom’s neck for the first time in her life. Her mother told the interpreter her daughter had asked to come for prayer because she wanted to do gymnastics like all the other kids (just as the Lord had shown me!). How great is our God? Despite feeling that I was inadequate to keep up with the need for prayer, that night, every single person I prayed for was healed! I am in awe of God. I encourage you to keep pressing in because as Randy Clark says, “There is more.”


A small team of us will travel to Hungary and Poland in mid April for two weeks followed by meetings in London. I travel to Chicago again in May and have an invitation to both Cuba and Central America in June and November. Please join me in praying for wisdom and discernment for these trips, our team, God’s perfect timing and all that He desires to do in these countries and places across America. What a privilege to serve Him.


Please know that our team is praying for you. We desire to see everyone we meet come into the fullness of the Father’s love; having the eyes of our hearts enlightened, and know the hope to which He has called us, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints and the incomparably great power for those of us who believe.  (Eph 1:18).

With the love of Jesus,



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