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What to do if you are not healed immediately

June 19, 2015


God is the author of the timing of our healing. We must not be discouraged when we are not healed immediately after prayer. Joanne had hundreds of people praying for her before she was miraculously healed. And I can say, throughout the 14 years of her painful journey, not once did she say, "God is not going to heal me." She would, instead, say, "I know He's going to heal me." 


As for my own journey, two months before God healed my neck, I started to claim out loud to friends and even my chiropractor, that God was going to heal me. Maintain an attitude of faith while His timing takes over. This delights Him.


What to do while you wait for healing

  • Do not become discouraged or guilty. Avoid the temptation of inventing a reason for a seeming lack of healing. It is important to remember that just because you do not yet see visible results does not mean that you are not healed or not going to be.

  • Walk in Forgiveness. Forgiveness is key to restoring health and wholeness to your body. Forgiving those you have wronged you closes the door to the enemy, no longer giving him/her access to your life. God requires us to forgive others so that we can be forgiven (Matthew 18:21-25). We are commanded to love (1 John 2:10-16) and unforgiveness can be a major hindrance to healing.

  • Continue to persevere in prayer for healing. Always ask for prayer. Always put yourself in a position to receive prayer. There's a gentleman at church that comes every week to the prayer corner contending for his healing. I stand with him. The prayer team stands with him. This is faith.

  • Continue to build your faith: Read the scriptures on healing in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

  • Continue to confess your sins: Confess your sins on a daily basis so they will not aggravate your physical condition. Live and walk in obedience to the Word of God.

  • Use your spiritual power: All believers possess the basics for healing and deliverance (Luke 10). Your tools are: the Word of God, the blood of Jesus, the word of your own testimony, authority to bind and loose, prayer and praise, and authority in the name of Jesus.

  • Where applicable, change your lifestyle: Eliminate sinful and unhealthy practices. Healing often comes when you bring your lifestyle in harmony and obedience with God’s Word.

  • Follow Scriptural directives for life and health (Proverbs 4:20-22).

  • Create an atmosphere of faith: Surround yourself with an atmosphere of faith by becoming part of a fellowship of believers who believe in the Word of God as it is written. 

  • React positively: While you are waiting for total healing, react in such a way that others will be affected in a positive way. Carry on doing the work of the Kingdom and claim the promises of God. We do not need to continue to beg God for healing.

  • Give and you will receive: The Bible teaches a key principle in God’s Kingdom is that we receive when we give. If you are a believer, begin to minister God’s healing power to others. As you give, you will receive.










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