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Prophetic Conference: Santiago Chile

December 14, 2017

I had the privilege to speak at a prophetic conference in Chile, hosted by Kings Cathedral. I was one of three speakers and spoke on Words of Knowledge and Dream interpretation. 


As part of the dream interpretation session, I spoke of the value of dreams and how God uses them to speak our destiny. While I very much enjoyed talking about the value of dreams, I had no idea of the great impact it would have on the congregation.


After the session, I was approached by countless people on getting to the bottom of their recurring dreams. Which is God's way of helping us take us to the path we need to get on to reach out destiny. After I helped others discern what that path was, I saw how God set them free from years of emotional suffering. 


One man was delivered from fear. Another woman and her daughter were free from the enemy's attack on their life. And still another woman realized that God very much cared about what she did for a living and He wanted her on a different path.


This was the first time I taught on dream interpretation. If this is a hint as to what God has for me, I'm all in. I would love to explore this aspect of the gift He's given me. He's so wonderful to provide the opportunity. :-)



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