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God is Limitless

March 3, 2018

I am just returning from an incredible time in ministry overseas where we witnessed the Lord bring physical healing, inner healing and freedom to so many of His children.


One story, on a more personal note, two days before we left for Hungary our youngest son had an accident at school where--in an attempt to show classmates his current basketball hops--his head collided with a large wooden beam and fell back on the concrete injuring his neck, spine and wrist.


After I immediately went and picked him up from school we headed to the hospital, they decided to x-ray his neck, spine and his wrist. The x-ray showed his neck and spine to be good but his wrist showed a break in the trelequim bone in his wrist. I asked for them to please double check the x-ray knowing I was leaving in two days. They rechecked and said, "Yes there is an acute fracture to his wrist." I prayed for Jake the day before leaving and specifically prayed for those feelings of shame for making a careless decision, and his sister Zoe prayed for him when she arrived home from winter camp.

While in Hungary, I taught a session on Physical Healing and Words of Knowledge (WOK). I called everyone who had a WOK upfront and a Hungarian man got the WOK for a broken left wrist. I told him that was for my son back in Cali. After the session this man prayed for Jake while holding a picture of Jake on my phone. God’s kindness undoes me...


When we went back to the hotel at the end of the night I received a text from Casey, my husband, “Jake does NOT have a broken wrist and is released to play basketball.” I just couldn’t hardly believe it!

Our Agape FF Team continues to see God expand all the ways He heals, from individual one on one prayer, to sovereign healings throughout a room, to distance declarations over a person life, we are always learning God is limitless and we just need to learn to listen and step in with Him!

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