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The Wonder of It All

November 26, 2018

I invite you to ask God every day to “surprise” you! When you seek Him, you will find Him in unexpected places. He’ll speak to you in every which way, set up divine after divine appointment, and work the miraculous through you. On our recent Agape trip to Kona, God showed up and showed off! On the way to the airport to pick up teammate Candice, we nearly swerve off the road when we spot a double rainbow. We chase this rainbow to capture it on film as Jamie, April and I laugh, squeal, scream, and marvel at this incredibly beautiful reflection of God’s glory. The excitement, awe and wonder ramps up as Chris McLarney’s “Crazy Love” plays on my Apple music feed as we get back on the road to the airport. It just happens to be one of Candice’s favorite songs. Coincidence or God speaking to His “girls?” 



Candice gets to see the double rainbow too on the way back from the airport to the YWAM base. If that’s not awesome enough, we see another double rainbow the next afternoon and a teammate studying at YWAM gets a glimpse of a triple rainbow the following day. We thank God for this privilege of serving Him in such a beautiful place and delighting us with His natural displays of splendor. We ask, “God, what next?” Without fail, we see a shooting star the next evening. God tells us we have not, because we ask not (James 4:2). I challenge you to ask God and keep asking and see what happens. 


On our last night on base, we sit on our deck and share testimony after testimony of how God brought healing and freedom to the leadership team. How we got to love on these young leaders as spiritual mothers and teach them how to do the same with their students. How these leaders receive Joanne's teachings on identity, words of knowledge, physical and inner healing and deliverance prayer, and impartation of spiritual gifts with open arms. All the while, we see not one, but FIVE shooting stars that night. What a picture of God’s grace, goodness and favor! We can’t earn it, we don’t deserve it…we just have to receive it!


The invitation is yours! God will leave you in awe and wonder; all you have to do is simply ask Him.


Take a good look at God’s wonders—
    they’ll take your breath away. Psalm 66:5 (MSG)

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