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Let It Go!

December 30, 2018

As I reflect back on this past year and recent trip to Brazil, I’m reminded on the importance of “letting things go.” I’ve had countless dreams this past year related to “getting rid of luggage.” We want to move forward, but it’s difficult when we are carrying extra weight. Jesus invites us to "Come to Him" and give our burdens to Him (Matthew 11:30). I saw the freedom this brought to a thirty-year old woman in Brazil three weeks ago.


After Rodney Hogue finished teaching and released the team to pray for the sick, a woman in the back of the church started screaming. As a mother of four, I recognized that this was a cry for help and one that shouldn’t be ignored. I found her and asked her if she wanted freedom. Sheila said yes, but was reluctant to receive prayer from me. I told her that it was her decision, but I was here for her if she wanted to be set free. Within a few minutes, she agreed and we went to a quiet space with her friends and translator. I asked what was going on in her life. Her mother died four years ago and her husband divorced her two years ago. I then sensed that she needed to forgive her mom, God, and husband. I asked if her mom died from cancer, which she confirmed. “Did your mom die in the hospital, while you were at her bedside?" She said yes to this as well. She was surprised that I knew this. I explained, "I didn’t; I never met you before and live 6,000 miles away, but Jesus knows everything about you and loves you." Sheila told me that she doesn’t believe in Jesus or love. I started to explain how the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy but the Lord comes to give life and life abundantly. Sheila admitted that she was afraid of God because of all of the things she’s done. I told her that nothing, not even demons, can separate her from the love of God. As we illuminated the truth from the lies, I requested that she look at me. She found this difficult, telling my interpreter she couldn’t because I was too “shiny.” We settled on a hug instead and I just loved and loved on her with God’s perfect, restoring love. After a long embrace, I asked if she knows the song, “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen. She and her friend laughed and told me her nickname is “Frozen.” I told her Jesus knows that too and is chasing after her because He loves her no matter what she does. I asked if she wanted to invite Jesus back into her life. She said, “yes” and we prayed the salvation prayer. Her countenance completely changed and she said a weight lifted off of her. I then asked her if I could stand in as her mom and “let go” of all the things she wanted to tell her mom, but couldn’t because she left too early. I told her I could take it and that no matter what she said, I would still love her. She released all of those unanswered questions. I apologized to her and asked if she could forgive her mom, which she did. She then was able to forgive God for taking her mom and repented for believing that lie. I asked if she had forgiven her husband. She said it wasn’t necessary as there were no bad feelings toward him. She then told several spirits to go in Jesus’ name (e.g., abandonment, rejection, depression, anger, rage) and thanked God for her freedom. As the perfect ending, she invited the Holy Spirit to fill her. Sheila left the church happy, radiant, and beautiful. She will need a new nickname because she’s no longer “Frozen.”




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