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Seeds of Change

February 25, 2019

When I was a teenager I was a folk singer. My singing partner and I used to do acoustic sets at school, but I wanted to play in a rock band. I got an electric guitar for my birthday and had been saving to buy an amplifier. When I became a Christian, I prayed for the persecuted church in Eastern Europe and received regular news letters from Open Doors. They told me how Albania had declared itself an atheist state and so I prayed for Albania and gave my hard-earned Amp money for the cause of the gospel in Albania. God honored my sacrifice and as I used my musical gift in the church, I never lacked an amplifier. Each time I moved to another church, over several decades, someone always gave me an amp to use in the worship band and later when I played bass in a Christian rock group.


Then on a Global trip to Brazil a few years ago, I met our dear AFF sister Alma. This year we took one of our Agape teams to work with her and her husband Chris in Basel, Switzerland. As we sat at breakfast, Alma told us that she is originally from Albania. I remembered that God had led me to sow into Albania, so I told my story. We were moved when we pondered on how He brings a harvest from the seeds we sow, and particularly so, when Alma was asked what year she was born. It was the year I gave the gift! Isn’t He wonderful!!





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