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Enjoy the Ride!

May 27, 2019

I recently had a dream where I was in middle school and needed to turn in a paper. It was completed except for the conclusion. I planned to finish it in homeroom. However, when I got to homeroom, every one was talking to me so I didn’t have a chance to finish it. Instead of going to my first class where the paper was due, I headed to the office to get an “excuse.” Again, everyone was busy talking and the secretaries said they would get to me “soon.” 


That wasn’t fast enough...class was starting...so I ran out of the school and got into the front seat of an Uber (side note: I promised my husband I wouldn’t do this again since last time this happened I found out that my driver had just gotten released after 16 years in a Vietnamese prison; I’ll save that story for another time). Behind my driver was a big, happy African American woman. She and the driver were talking and talking, not even seeming to notice how annoyed I was that they were not hurrying to get me home. I don’t even think they were going in the right direction. To make matters worse, they were discussing a new dating app. Really??? 


At this point, I woke up and was so frustrated and distraught about this dream. It hit close to my heart as I was struggling to finish a paper for one of my classes. Writers’ block meets my dream life...


I asked the Lord what the dream meant. The driver was Jesus and the passenger was the Holy Spirit. The dating app was about creating relationships, which “just happens” to be what He has called me to do. The Lord revealed that I was so concerned about turning in my paper that I missed the most important teaching that happened right inside that car. How often do you get to be in a car with Jesus and the Holy Spirit and listen in on their conservations? 


Well more often, we are so focused on “to do” lists, assignments, or the destination, that we forget to enjoy the ride!!!


I challenge you to sit back, close your eyes, and “Let Jesus take the wheel!” I guarantee you that it will be the “ride of your life!” 



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