Ministry Trip Registration

Agape Team Members must now register to be on the ministry team for our events.  Please fill out the registration form and submit below. This must be done for each individual event separately. 

Please refer to your Agape Team Partnership Level when registering for ministry.  If you are unsure of your partnership level, please contact Kathi Frye or Marisa directly. 


  • Apprentice = Local (to you), Non-Travel

  • Internship = Local (to you), Domestic Travel

  • Team Member = Local (to you), Domestic, International Travel 

Registration does not guarantee acceptance on the trip due to size limitations, lodging, etc.   **Please do not book your flights or lodging unless you are notified of acceptance.** 


You will receive an email from our missions team if your trip registration is approved as well as your name will be added to the "Ministry Trip Itinerary" document (link below) under Ministry Team.   Also, the trip leader will email out information regarding the trip when available (Meeting locations, times, details, lodging, etc.) via What’s App.

New deadlines to register for an event:


  • Local (no travel) = 2 weeks from event date

  • Semi Local (Drive/Overnight) = 30 days from event date

  • Domestic/International = 90 days from event date

          *Visa Requirements may vary and require earlier registration

If you will be traveling with Agape, we ask that you try to please use our travel agent. He has been able to save us money on airfare and he is also able to track arrival and departure times for the team. Tell him you are part of Agape and to match Jo’s flights for the particular trip. His contact info is:


Denis Agafonov
President/CEO @ Mission Valley Travel, Inc.
406-758-4833 Direct
406-758-4848 Office

When contacting, please email him the following:


  1. Name as on passport

  2. DOB

  3. Departure- arrival cities

  4. Dates

  5. Contact info: Phone number and email

If you choose to book your own flights also check  If you are unable to book a flight within 90 minutes of Joanne or your Trip Leader, then you will be responsible for your own transportation (logistics and cost) and a prompt arrival to the first team meeting. 


If you have any questions regarding the registration form, please email our Administrator, Marisa at

To review our current Ministry Trip Itinerary, or see if your

registration has been approved, please click this link.